Bike and Pedestrian Planning

The SAWMPO actively plans for and supports the development of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure for increased mobility while encouraging safe bicycling as a viable transportation alternative in the region. Furthermore, the SAWMPO works with the local jurisdictions to ensure bicycle and pedestrian needs are being considered in local transportation plans and provides research, planning, and funding relative to bicycle and pedestrian necessities.

The SAWMPO plays a role in the following resources and plans:

A group of kids riding bikes down a street

SAWMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Regional Connectivity Study

The SAWMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Regional Connectivity Study identifies regional bicycle and pedestrian connectivity gaps between existing, funded, and proposed facilities in Staunton, Augusta County, and Waynesboro, and suggests potential corridors and facilities to create a connected regional network. The Study focuses on the connectivity gaps in Augusta County, which is the critical connection point between both cities.

The analysis identifies connectivity gaps based on existing, funded, and proposed non-motorized projects to assist with establishing a continuous bicycle and pedestrian network between Staunton, Augusta County, and Waynesboro. The analysis intends to:

  • Facilitate a regional vision for a connected non-motorized network between each locality;
  • Assist localities in identifying and prioritizing future non-motorized projects; and,
  • Establish a baseline for more in-depth studies.

Bike and Ped Map Viewer 1.0

The SAWMPO Bike and Pedestrian Regional Connectivity Map Viewer 1.0 is a companion tool to the SAWMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Regional Connectivity Study and provides up-to-date information regarding the existing, funded, and proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the region. View a short walk-through of the Map Viewer here: Map Viewer 1.0 Overview.

To view the full interactive map with layers for existing, funded, and proposed facilities, click the button below:

Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian-related Plans

Below is a comprehensive list of studies and plans that identify proposed bicycle and pedestrian-related projects in the SAWMPO region since 2004.