The sixth round of VDOT’s premier transportation grant-funding program called SMART SCALE is now open for applications. The program is open every two years to localities and regional government entities throughout the state. Applications compete for funding to advance substantial safety and congestion improvements. The pre-application window is open from March 1 through April 1, and the final application cycle is open from June 1 through August 1.

SMART SCALE stands for System for the Management and Allocation of Resources for Transportation, and the key factors used in evaluating a project’s merits: improvements to Safety, Congestion reduction, Accessibility, Land use, Economic development and the Environment. During SMART SCALE Round 5 in 2022, the VDOT applications in the Staunton Construction District applied for 40 different projects. Within the SAWMPO region, localities and the SAWMPO submitted eight applications. See the final scoring of all projects from the last round.

The SAWMPO is working with our regional localities this round to submit two pre-applications on behalf of Augusta County. The first project is for constructing a new connecting roadway at the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (WWRC), and the second project is for installing a signalized continuous green T (CGT) intersection at I-64 and US 250 Exit 99. Both projects were unfunded in Round 5 in 2022. Check back on for updates on the applications, and the award of projects, which will likely be announced in January 2025.