The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and a consultant recently completed a study of one of the highest crash corridors in the region — Route 250 (Jefferson Highway/West Main Street) in Augusta County and the City of Waynesboro. The study focuses on a 1.8-mile long stretch of US 250 between Old White Bridge Road and Hopeman Parkway.

Over 900 respondents participated in an online survey in January 2020 and provided feedback on the draft study alternatives. The results of the survey, and the final study and recommendations, are included in the report: STARS US 250 Final Report

The Study Team is seeking public input on the final report, which includes proposed improvements that are intended to make the corridor not only safer, but also a more welcoming place to walk, bike, meet the bus, or travel by personal vehicle.

The final survey can be found at the following link: US 250 Final Survey

VDOT, Augusta County, and the City of Waynesboro are working on the project, along with ATCS Consulting, BRITE Transit, and the SAWMPO.