City of Waynesboro officials held a groundbreaking on September 6, 2023 for the Waynesboro Southern Corridor Project. The SMART SCALE funded project will construct a new roadway south of the city near an existing industrial park, and provide access for over 200 acres of land for future economic development.

The project is a 1.6-mile two-lane road with a shared use path within the city limits of Waynesboro. The project is located south of Interstate 64 between exit 94 at Rosser Avenue (Route 340) and exit 96 at South Delphine Avenue (Route 624). The project will create a direct, multi-modal connection between Rosser Avenue and South Delphine Avenue. The new corridor extends Shenandoah Village Drive east, connecting to Lyndhurst Road across from North Oak Lane. The corridor then follows the existing North Oak Lane to the South River, continues on a new roadway location through Nature’s Crossing Technology Center (Exit 96 Industrial Park), and ends at an intersection with South Delphine Avenue.

The construction is expected to end in September 2025. Read more at the VDOT project page, and at