The consultant VHB submitted the final SAWMPO Regional Transportation Safety Plan in February 2023. The Plan analyzes crash data and trends in the SAWMPO region, and identifies strategies to reduce fatal and serious injuries and policies that can address infrastructure and behavioral needs.

The final deliverable also includes an online SAWMPO Regional Safety Plan map that highlights key study findings, including the region’s high injury network, and pedestrian safety analysis.

The SAWMPO Plan is part of Virginia’s adopted vision of Toward Zero Deaths, meaning that all roadway users in the Commonwealth should arrive safely at their destination. VDOT developed the 2022-2026 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), which is a five-year, action-based plan that frames the major safety issues within emphasis areas and identifies strategies and actions to address them. The SHSP prioritizes implementing a Safe System Approach that is gaining momentum in the United States based on success from associated Vision Zero efforts in Europe.