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Potential for Safety Improvement (PSI) Intersection Study

The SAWMPO Potential for Safety Improvement (PSI) Intersections Study analyzes six PSI intersections in Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro to address safety issues and develop engineering and operational solutions for which the localities or MPO can apply for grant. PSI is a VDOT safety screening measure that evaluates the number of actual crashes versus the expected number of crashes along a particular roadway section based on design characteristics.

The six study intersections are:


  • Churchville Avenue/Thornrose Drive
  • Coalter Street and Statler Boulevard

Augusta County

  • US 11 and Laurel Hill Road (VA 612)
  • Laurel Hill Road (VA 612) and I-81 Exit 227 northbound ramps


  • Delphine Avenue and I-61 Exit 96 westbound ramps
  • Delphine Avenue and Windsor Road

The study began in October 2022, and concluded in September 2023.

    Map depicting the 6 intersections included in the study